3D Models

Download free vue 3d models and materials. These 3d models can be used in strata and any 3d modelling program that supports .obj .3ds and .dxf file formats.

Could you please add a credit to www.chromesphere.net when posting renders or creating material with these objects. Cheers. CS

High Ball Cocktail Glass Model

High Ball Cocktail Glass

Model format: *.obj

Description: A High Ball Cocktail Glass

Download - Rar - Zip

Gold Wedding Ring Model

Wedding Ring

Model format: *.obj

Description: Thick wedding ring with a rounded exterior. Burning Inscription not included :)

Download - Rar

Seemless Studio Background

Seemless Studio Background

Model format: *.obj

Description: A useful curved plane to be used as a seemless background for "studio" style scene setups.

Download - Zip - Rar



Model format: *.obj

Description: Volcano modelled in blender. Preview rendered in blender with a red area light inside the crater.

Download - Zip - Rar

Rincewinds Hat

Rincewinds Hat - Tattered Wizards Hat

Model format: *.obj

Description: Hat of the famously inept Discworld wizard Rincewind. I have included an untattered version of the hat in the zip file and the Vue fabric material used. Could also be used as a witches hat

Download - Zip - Rar

candle 3d model


Model format: *.obj

Description: Candlestick strata 3d model. If you would like more information about creating a scene like the one in the preview, check out this tutorial on creating area lights in vue

Download - Zip (65k) - Rar (55k)

Basic Sword model

Basic Sword

Model format: *.obj

Description: 3 part 3d sword model: blade, handle and butt. Align the 3 objects and apply materials seperately to each.

Download - Zip (16k) - Rar (15k)

Desk Draws model

4 Desk Draws

Model Format : Desk_Draws.obj

Description: 4 Desk Draws. Modelled in strata. Archive file includes draw knob.

Download - Zip (91k) - Rar (79k)

Old Key 3d model

Old Key

Model Format Old_Key.obj

Description: An old fashioned style key model and rendered here in Vue.

Download - Zip (104k) - Rar (92k)

Terracotta Pot

Terracotta Pot

Model Format: Terracotta_Pot.obj

Description: Scene created with the Area Light tutorial. Terracotta Vue Material used for pot. Plant added from Vue's plant library.

Download - Zip (172k) - Rar (155k)

Study Desk

Study Desk

Model Format: Desk.obj & Desk Knob.obj

Description: A study desk rendered here with beechwood material for Vue (found below). File also contains a sepearate object file for the study desk draw knobs.

Download - Zip (138k) - Rar (121k)

Vase Beaker model

Vase / Beaker

Model Format: Vase.Obj

Description: A simple vase model, could also be used as a beaker. Seen here with glass and brushed silver applied.

Download - Zip (173k) - Rar (154k)

Pedestal model


Model Format: Pedestal .3ds & .dxf

Description: A 3d model of a pedestal. Would look good in a garden or amongst ruins. Material used here is Vue's stone material.

Download - Zip (276k) - Rar (201k)

HiFi Speaker model

Hifi Speaker & Materials

Model Format: Speaker.3ds

Description: Created in Strata and rendered in Vue, inside this zip you will find 3 objects: 1xspeaker box and 2x speakers in a group, and 2 Vue materials.

Download - Zip (88k) - Rar (39k)

Candle Stand Plant Stand

Candle Holder / Plant Stand

Model Format :Pot Plant Stand.dxf

Description: Object would make a good candle holder or pot plant stand! Material here is Vue's brushed silver.

Download - Zip (171k) - Rar (215k)

Plate 3d model

Porcelain Plate

Model Format: Plate.dxf

Description: A plate rendered here in Vue with the standard procelaine material applied.

Download - Zip (45k) - Rar (36k)

Beechwood Material

Beechwood Material

Model Format: Beechwood.mat

Description: Vue Beechwood Mateiral

Download - Mat (17k)

Lamp Table

Title: Side Table

Model Format: Lamp_Table.obj

Description: Side Table Model 6 with a simple wood texture.

Download - Zip (114k) - Rar (104k)

Brilliant Cut Diamond 3d model

Title: Brilliant Cut Diamond

Model Format: Diamond.obj

Description: A Briliant Cut Diamond model. Remember to increase "Total Internal Reflection" in your 3D programs render settings before rendering this model.

Download - Zip (3k) - Rar (3k)


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