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Image License

Have you found an image on chromesphere you would like to use for you personal website or for commercial purposes (marketing, corporate website, etc)?


If you would like to use an image from this website for a non commercial purpose please feel free to do so, however I request that you place a credit to on the same page that the image is to be used. If you are unsure whether you should use an image from this site for your particular situation, please email me the details and ill try and help.

Commercial / Retail

Would you like to use an image from this site for marketing, inside a software program, or any other commercial/retail purposes? An image license can be provided to allow you to do this. Images can be provided without the chromesphere watermark and in most cases, to any custom resolution required. Please email me for further information.

Custom 3D Images

I also have the following custom 3D images available. These images can be modified to contain your company name details. Please contact me with your enquiry email me.

Seasons Greetings: This image can be rendered in any ‘widescreen’ resolution. It can be provided blank, or with a message in the bottom right hand corner, much like the one used here for ‘CGIB’.

Merry Xmas from CGIB

Alphabet Blocks: Your company initials can be added to these alphabet blocks. A maximum of 5 letters can fit in this scene. A different aspect ratio can also be provided. An example of the alphabet blocks is used on the CGIB website Products and Services webpage: "insurance made simple"

CGIB Insurance Made Simple Blocks

Please contact me about these images or any other images on my site for more information




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