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In this tutorial i will show you the difference between the 3 Boolean Operations vue has to offer and how to use them. There are 3 different types of boolean operations in Vue, Boolean Union, Boolean Intersection and Boolean Difference

1)Boolean Union

2 objects are "welded" together. This process is useful for example, when joining 2 glass spheres together. The result will not display any internal edges. Look closely at center of both of the following pictures. You will be able to see the internal edges where the 2 spheres intersect in the first image, which dissolve after we have applied the Union in the 2nd image.


Before Union


After Union

2) Boolean Intersection

When the boolean intersection operation has been executed, the resulting object will be only the point where the original objects overlap. This process can be done with more then just 2 objects.


Before Intersection


After Intersection

3) Boolean Difference

A Boolean Difference operation will take the first object (the base object) selected and subtract from it each of the following objects selected. If the materials on each object are different, the subtracted objects will leave there material influence on the base object (see third image). So in the following images the base object is the object on the right.


Before Difference


After Difference


The result of applying a different material to left sphere before the boolean difference operation is applied.

In the third image i changed the material of the left sphere to "coloured glass". You can see how this material has left its influence on the right sphere where it has "bitten" into.

This concludes the basic boolean operation tutorial.

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